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 Safety and Health of your new puppy is our #1 priority! Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old, that’s the law! We determine when we send your puppy by what we feel the puppy’ s maturity level is. Like children, some puppies mature faster than others. It could be 10 to 12 weeks depending on each individual puppy.

No puppy will be considered sold or reserved without a contract AND a deposit.

Listed in this contract are several routine preventative cares that the new buyer must agree to.
The guarantee is only valid for the original buyer
Please click below to open and read it. For further questions, please contact me.

We air ship on Fridays, puppies arrive same day!

You may not get your puppy on the exact day you wanted if mother nature is not working out for us, but usually we will get a good day soon after.

 Prices for shipping charges often change, if you are needing a puppy shipped we will get with our transport company and get you the current prices for shipping.  

 Boston Terrier puppies that are very tiny and we will NOT ship them until they are at the very least 2 pounds. This means you may have to wait until they are 10 or 12 weeks old. Safety and health of my babies comes first.

Flying puppies is not as stressful as you might think, puppies usually fly out of Kansas City, MO and usually reach most destinations in 4 - 6 hours, during hot temperatures we may have to arrange ground transport or meet you ourselves. We use a professional USDA licensed shipper. We usually ship on Fridays but will ship different days of the week depending on the weather, often flights have to be changed to accommodate the temperatures.

PLEASE make sure we have two working contact numbers for you in case of last minute flight changes. We will e-mail the flight information to you as soon as it is available to us, generally on Tuesday of the week your puppy is shipping. Once you have this information you can then schedule a time for your new puppy to meet your vet. Within 72 hours of arrival. You may put a nonrefundable deposit on a puppy to hold it, the balance must be paid in full before we will ship the puppy. We accept Paypal with a 4% charge, Walmart Moneygram, most preferred, and Cash as well. If anything happens to your puppy or it is found to be less than perfect you will be contacted immediately and your money will be refunded or you may choose another puppy.

To make your puppy's flight reservation I will need: Complete name and address of person who will be picking up puppy, and 2 working phone numbers. Along with your requested major US airport, not including Hawaii. Airlines will check ID, so please make sure that the information you send to me is what is on your ID, if the airport does not ask please notify me immediately. Your new puppy is available for pickup, or we can make arrangements to meet you. 

Each puppy that is shipped will come in his own airline approved crate with a food and water dish, this is yours to keep. He may still have a small bag of food with him. There will be an envelope taped to the top of the crate, your puppies health certificate, registration papers, health guarantee and vaccination record will be in this envelope, please don't forget to open it.

Remember when your puppy arrives he has now traveled farther than he ever has and he may be a little scared and unsettled. He may have relieved himself during the flight, for this purpose we suggest having baby wipes, towels or other items to clean him with when he arrives. Bottle water as he may be thirsty, also bring along a leash and collar. Some puppies are ready to come out and play and others take a little more time. Do not put your puppy down in common areas until he is 16 weeks old, and do not think I ll just set him down to potty when you are first meeting him, puppies are scared and may bolt, resulting in  lost or dead puppy! SAFETY FIRST,  remember your puppy is not fully vaccinated until he has completed a full series of puppy vaccinations, to be carried on by you and the vet of your choice.  Exposure to common areas will cause your puppy to be sick, life threatening sick, so PLEASE take as good of care of him as we have, no common areas, don't pass him around to family and friends, let him get acclimated to his new family before you over load his system

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